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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

12.5 Days!!!

Hi Mates!

I would imagine most of you are in the midst of studying for finals or taking them (except for the lucky few who are already done)! If so, you shouldn't be reading this blog or if finished, you should be sleeping!

Me... I'm giving finals with the task of grading looming ahead!

Just a few reminders...
1. Exchange money at your bank soon. The US dollar is strong and about 1.2 to 1 compared to AUSD.
2. Remember that it is NOT summer there. It is fall with average seasonal temps of  45F-65F.
3. No tipping in restaurants.
4. Check out Canvas to make sure all is completed.
5. Pack your suitcase and then remove half of it. They may be down under, but do have laundry        facilities.
6. Join the blog and pass it around! We had almost 7,000 views in 2013 from all over the world!
The Russians loved us... :)

Dr. S.

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