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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And the kangaroo says...

So my little friend here from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney says, "Hey Mate, start getting your act together regarding your trip because I can't wait to see you down under!!!"

Checking the countdown, I must admit that I am rapidly approaching panic mode. I have a new but EMPTY suitcase standing like a lone soldier in my room while I percolate on what to bring. Even with the advantage of having done this before... it is still daunting. I need to decide which gadgets, clothes, shoes, rain gear, comfortable shoes, book and playlists to bring along. Then there are Canvas uploads, exams, grades, bills, yard care, US to AUD $ to exchange, kids to farm out and other logistics to handle.

And then there are YOUR responsibilities to cover before you leave. The (what seems like) endless paperwork, Canvas requirements (ie. our course), exams, presentations and ultimate preparations at your end. Trust me... I get it...

So good luck and keep plugging away. All this work will be done and the stress much reduced. In Australia, the people are fantastic and the pace is slow...


Dr. S.

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