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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Travel to Sydney Day

Hello There!

We said good riddance ... I mean goodbye to our Ocean View Cabin that by last night had absolutely no power after fits and starts of electricity for 3 days. Those that braved cold showers are to be commended. The rest just applied extra deodorant (I hope)... But here is evidence all survived our first week and of course the fabulous Lennox Head Beach...

So then a bit of a snafu today... On the plus side, nobody got hurt so let's get that out of the way... but we did miss our flight this morning! Just a bit of a misread of the departure time. As a result, Lisa ordered maxi taxis and took the troops into Ballina for a bit of shopping and then is treating them to lunch. They rebooked us for a 4:50pm flight. Me, you ask? I'm minding the shop and 17 very heavy backpacks in the lovely (but with wifi) Ballina airport!

Also, got up this morning for the final sunrise and was not disappointed.

We will surely be in touch after arriving in Sydney! We are planning dinner at the Australian Hotel in the 'Rocks' section of Sydney which is down the block from the YHA (hostel) at which we are staying. Kangaroo pizzas are on the menu for everyone to try. Vivid should be going full blast and the sights should be spectacular flying in tonight (remember it's winter here and the sun is down around 5:30-6pm).

If you want to check out the lights of Vivid Sydney 2015, check out this link:
Vivid Sydney Lights 2015

One more thing... here are the stats after one week...

Bye for now...

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