Countown to LAX Liftoff


Friday, May 15, 2015


Dear Fellow Travelers...

What were we thinking? Is it really possible to fit all the last minute stuff to do in 2 days (including 'all nighters')!!! Maybe we should just call the whole thing off. Still looking for my passport. I'm sure I put it somewhere "safe". It's so safe, I can't even find it :). But I guess we're committed! I just have to farm the dog out, cut the grass, attend Xavier's graduation, get my hair cut, send my daughter off to prom, call the credit card company, buy snacks, remember $$$, leave house notes, tell my kids I love them (yes, even that is on my list of things to do....) and hope that it's smooth sailing once we're ensconced in the airport with 17 of our newest, best friends!

Safe travels to LAX! Can't wait to meet you all!

Here is a picture of Lisa and I if you are looking for us lol... I won't be wearing the regalia to LA... but can't vouch for Lisa HAHA!!!
Dr. S.

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